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By becoming an AHWA certified provider, you will become part of the Prevention Generation Network of providers launching first in Florida, and the scaling across the US. Each provider that qualifies will be exclusive to a 4 mile radius of their office.

Membership enables you to have your own page on the Prevention Generation site, detailing your practice and aligning you with Prevention Generation members (patients) looking for your services based on the results of their Prevention survey.

We are thrilled to be pioneering the Prevention Generation by certifying credentialed providers to serve our growing community of patients

Dr. Daniel Pavlik Sr.

AHWA Co-Founder

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The AHWA is the certified member association of the Prevention Generation Network. By qualifying for membership, your practice will be aligned with patients that have specific health goals in your geography. You will also have the ability to take advantage of exclusive AHWA benefits, including:


Virtual Medical Office

Connect patients with medical doctors during their visit at your office with telemedicine.

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Prevention Generation

As an AHWA certified provider, you have unlimited access to the Prevention Generation content.

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The ability to align your services in a corporate environment via this Northwestern University program.

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