Connecting Providers with Patients

Telemedicine enables providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without geographic limitations; it is truly


Never lose a patient to an MD again – connect via the AHWA Virtual Medical Office

On-Site Health

Bring your drug-free health services to a business near you with WorkSiteRight


Optimize the patient experience after they leave their appointment with PG Guidebooks


AHWA technology connects the right patients to your practice with our proprietary survey

Our Story

We launched the AHWA with one goal in mind – to make it as easy as possible for patients to have access to qualified providers in their area, and for providers to acquire and keep new patients throughout the lifetime of their practice.

  • Patients interested in telemedicine for healthcare 80%
  • Patients looking for prevention advice 60%
  • Companies interested in on site employee health services 50%
  • Patients that recommend AHWA Providers to a friend 90%


“I have been experiencing joint pain for years, and found one of the Prevention Generation Guidebooks online. After I registered, I was recommended to a qualified Chiropractor in my neighborhood”



“I was at my chiropractor’s office for an alignment and was feeling fighting a bad cold. She was able to connect me with an MD for a prescription right from her office! Super convenient and secure!”

Dr. Soyer Kaya

Dr. Soyer Kaya

“Since our center for health & wellness joined the AHWA, we have been able to expand our services driving more revenue per patient. With telemedicine right here, it keeps patients from leaving our practice.”