Why do Chiropractic Adjustments Make Cracking Sounds?

Why do Chiropractic Adjustments Make Cracking Sounds?

This is a common question that comes up quite often and rest assured it is not bones being cracked or broken! The cause of the cracking or popping sound is the release of gas that builds up inside the joints and vertebrae. As these gases build up, it can lead to pressure forming around the joints and this pressure leads to the development of pain. The popping sound is perfectly safe and natural, provided the chiropractic adjustment is being applied by a licensed chiropractor. This is definitely not something you want to try at home!

What Makes Chiropractic Adjustments Effective

We touched on why we hear the cracking sound when a person is going through a chiropractic adjustment, now it is time we took a look what makes this treatment effective. When the doctor has applied the adjustment, it will stimulate blood flow into the area where the adjustment took place. This increased circulation will flood the area with oxygen rich blood which will help promote healing and the reduction of pain. Over a prolonged period of time, as the gases build up inside your joints, they will need to be properly released if you want long-term pain relief.

Along with the immediate relief that is associated with chiropractic adjustments, there are no negative side-effects like those that can be associated with modern pharmaceuticals. Some of the potential side-effects with drugs include the following.

  • Not dealing with the cause of the pain but the symptoms. Painkilling medication does not treat the cause of the symptom, it merely mutes the symptom. It is comparable to taking the battery out of the smoke detector while the house is on fire. You stopped the detector from ringing but the house is still on fire!
  • Risks to your health. When you take painkillers, it suppresses the pain receptors in your body so you do not know you are in pain but you are. Since the medications mask your body’s warning system you could be doing additional damage to your body and not even realize it.
  • Risk of addiction. The painkiller medication may lead to addiction where an individual has to take the medication just to function. This problem is become widespread throughout North America as a number of people have become addicted to the painkillers they are taking to treat back and neck pain.
  • Very expensive. The cost of these painkillers can be expensive – on the body and the wallet.

When you go for a chiropractic adjustment, you avoid all of these negatives and enjoy substantial pain relief. If you are in any sort of pain you should go get checked out by a chiropractor. You will be very pleased by how effective these adjustments can be.