What is followmydoc.com?

According to a PWC study, 41% of patients use social media to pick their healthcare providers, 42% use social media to get doctor reviews and 61% are likely to trust content posted by a physician. While patients have moved online and embraced social media as a way for choosing a doctor, the majority of holistic and conventional medical professionals have struggled to adapt. So, followmydoc.com was introduced as the first and only social platform to deliver contextually relevant content to a users feed, based on posts tagged with condition-specific information (eg. #diabetes) and updates from their healthcare providers. All AHWA certified members will have their own dynamic profile page in the followmydoc.com holistic network, with the ability to post from a library of content, share articles from outside sources and publish your own articles all in the context of our platform.

Social Engagement Content

AHWA content is thematically based on the health categories most important to our users, with a goal of delivering expert based self-care guidance for when the patient is not in the AHWA certified member’s office. Based on the unique needs of each user per their survey results, we deliver content directly to them via their feed. This content is exclusive to our users on the network and consists of our monthly Prevention Generation Journal, blogs authored by our holistic and conventional medical professionals, videos for self-care and more.

followmydoc Patient Feed

Each patient-user in the AHWA followmydoc.com network has their own individual content feed based on the doctors and themes they are following. Inspired by social media style engagement and the integrity of traditional publishing, the AHWA feed features daily content curated, authored and shared by our certified members. Organized by trending articles across the platform and by primary and secondary hashtag themes--for example, Hypertension as a primary theme, and “blood pressure” as a subtheme--the user picks the doctors and themes they want to receive content from. Another key feature of the patient feed is the ability to create “care groups” for loved ones that friends and family are looking after--getting guidance from the healthcare provider and sharing that through with the group, so everyone is connected.

followmydoc Provider Profile Pages

One of the most compelling aspects of the followmydoc platform is the social media-inspired “Profile” pages for all of our AHWA certified members. Taking the complexity out of creating your own website, think of the Profile page like a search engine optimized “Facebook” page for your practice that defines everything from your location, education, and certifications through to your specialty patient services, ideal patients and more. Featuring the ability to post special promotions as your profile status, videos, photos and more, the profile page becomes the hub for attracting new patients to your practice and you. As patient-users enter the network and create their “feed” to receive content programming, they can find, follow and engage you via your Profile.

Join The Revolution Today!

By qualifying for membership, you can lever all aspects of the AHWA to propel your practice with telemedicine, social media and more to drive new patient acquisition and existing patient value.