workhealth TM

The Corporate Wellness Movement

With a clear correlation between dollars spent on wellness to profits saved on healthcare costs, today’s corporations are applying wellness programs at a rapid pace. From corporate challenges around steps and weight loss, to on-site nutritionists, chiropractors and other providers, the time is now to enable your services for a local business. Through @WORKHEALTH™ you can bring your practice to an employer, whilst using the opportunity to attract new patients.

The Northwestern Health Sciences University Connection

Based on the Northwestern Health Sciences University “WorkSiteRight” architecture for on-site wellness, @WORKHEALTH™ brings the power of Northwestern Health Sciences University to your practice as you begin working with employers. Your Access certification and Prevention Generation Network membership makes this another added value service for your practice.

Attracting Employers

Working with Northwestern Health Sciences University, the Prevention Generation™ Network will create local marketing programs that will attract employers into the program. Based on geography, your practice specialties and the needs of the employer, your practice will be invited to be a part of the @WORKHEALTH™ program for the employer. Driving incremental revenue for your practice and introducing you to new potential patients, you can focus on what you are good at (awesome patient care) and the Prevention Generation™, Access and Northwestern Health Sciences University can do the rest!

Join The Revolution Today!

By qualifying for membership, you can lever all aspects of Access to propel your practice with virtual care, social media and more to drive new patient acquisition and existing patient value.