Access Marketing Toolbox

Content Programming

As a certified member, you get access to all of the content created by Access. Guidebooks, blogs, Prevention Generation™ Journal, How-to videos, meal plans and more, are available at your disposal. This content can be used on your Profile page, in email marketing campaigns, as follow up from patient visits and much more for your practice. Instead of struggling to find or create content for your patients, accelerate your ability to engage with potential patients and care for existing patients with your Access certification and membership.

Marketing Tools

Leveraging your Prevention Generation Profile page and content marketing resources, we will optimize your page based on your local geography via SEO to ensure potential patients can find you. As potential and existing patients engage and follow you, you can use our email templates and content nurturing to deliver targeted programming based on what your followers have identified as the themes they want to follow. You will have access to pre-set social media posts that align with monthly content themes, image libraries, advertising banners, and more to position and sell the services of your practice.

The Access “Practice MBA”

With best selling authors and decades of experience in holistic and conventional healthcare business management, our team of experts can help you modernize your practice with actionable resources. Launching in mid-2019, the Access “Practice MBA” will feature a series of tools, templates and metrics you can use to optimize your practice from a strategic and operational business perspective. Including a monthly digital programming, podcasts and business planning templates you can customize to your specific practice, our Access “Practice MBA” will be available on demand to all of our certified members.

The Social Dynamic

As the first and only social media-inspired network for connecting holistic and conventional healthcare professionals with prospective and existing patients, Prevention Generation is both dynamic and engaging. For our consumer-patient users on the network, they can follow you from their individual feed. This enables you the opportunity to share incentives for them to schedule an appointment, give context to the specialties of your practice and more. We will also be hosting “live” programs on specific themes, self-care webinars and other engaging programs that will drive users to follow you.

Join The Revolution Today!

By qualifying for membership, you can lever all aspects of Access to propel your practice with virtual care, social media and more to drive new patient acquisition and existing patient value.