Holistic Medical Professionals

Chiropractic Physicians, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths and other holistic medicine practitioners have been setting the standard for proactive healthcare with patients for years. Through lifestyle choices, diet, non-surgical intervention and more, our Access certified healthcare professionals now have the potential to expand their offerings through the many value-added services offered through our platform. From virtual care to our business marketing tools and social engagement, Access enables holistic practitioners a new platform for treating patients and building the bridge to conventional providers.

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Conventional Medical Professionals

Medical Physicians, Osteopathic Physicians and other specialist physicians can join Access to bridge the gap with their holistic medicine counterparts, bringing their specialty and services to the patient through virtual care and on-site care. Unlike traditional directories that simply point the patient to a practitioner or send a referral to the patient from the physician, Access creates geographic exclusively to connect your practice to Chiropractic Physicians and other holistic practitioners through Prevention Generation--delivering new patient and revenue opportunities for your practice.

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Access Connected Care™

Urgent care centers and minute clinics have created a healthcare convenience movement that patients have come to expect. However many patients still sit in waiting rooms, frustrated as they read old magazines in uncomfortable chairs for their number to be called. Access changes this scenario by enabling patients to connect with a MD, DO or other medical specialist through Access Connected Care™, our state of the art, HIPPA compliant virtual care platform that bridges the holistic medical and conventional medical professional to serve the needs of the patient. Our platform has multiple uses, all of which drive incremental revenue opportunities and better outcomes for the patient.

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Prevention Generation™

While traditional doctor "profiles" and health system websites are static and rarely updated, Prevention Generation™ is a social media inspired content and engagement platform that enables doctors to share content, automate patient processes and make referrals all with a few clicks. For patients, they can follow doctors and specific health content, which is updated and shared directly to their individualized feed.

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Access Marketing Toolbox

Beyond the awesome value-added services your Access membership provides, you will have access to a suite of marketing tools to help drive the success of your practice. Starting with your Prevention Generation profile page, where you can send updates to your followers, share health content and do patient follow up, you will be exposed to a whole new platform to position your services and expertise. Complemented by content programming, email templates and a podcast series on “Business Management," the marketing toolbox is like having an employee focused on marketing your practice.

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Join The Revolution Today!

By qualifying for membership, you can lever all aspects of Access to propel your practice with virtual care, social media and more to drive new patient acquisition and existing patient value.