Access Connected Care™

Virtual Medical Office

A key element of joining the AHWA for our holistic and conventional healthcare professionals is access to our telemedicine platform called Access Connected Care™. Optimized to transform a holistic medical practitioners office into a hotspot for telemedicine, patients can be connected to an MD, DO or Specialist Physician through our proprietary, HIPAA compliant platform--getting the care they need, from the comfort of a familiar environment. Enabling incremental revenue opportunities for both the holistic and conventional healthcare professionals, Access Connected Care™ truly bridges the gap for our members and users.

The Tech Requirements

If you have an internet connection and a computer with a camera for video conferencing, then you are ready to start using Access Connected Care™. You will log into (after you have been certified by the AHWA), we will do a few test runs to make sure things are working properly and you are on your way to transforming your practice into a telemedicine hub. While other platforms struggle to ensure privacy and compatibility, Access Connected Care™ eliminates the concern by leveraging the latest technology and our network of holistic and conventional healthcare professionals to ensure the best care and patient privacy.

The Patient Connection

Access Connected Care™ also enables our members to interact directly with patients through our telemedicine platform. As a certified AHWA member, you can drive incremental revenue by offering patients remote care when they are not in your office over the same secure connection used to connect them between a holistic and conventional healthcare environment. For example, say a Chiropractor’s patient is on a 12-week weight loss program to help with their back pain issue, you can schedule checkups with the patient through Access Connected Care™ without having the patient come into the office. Further, say a DO has a patient that needs checkups or prescriptions filled for an illness, they can connect directly through the platform, offering effective and efficient patient care.

The Future of Urgent Care

The urgent care center has become an expected convenience for patients, however it often comes with exposure to germs, long wait times and out of pocket copays. With Access Connected Care™, a holistic provider can turn their practice into a digital urgent care center connecting patients to medical care through the telemedicine platform. Easy, efficient and less expensive, the Access Connected Care™ option for quick and effective care sets a new standard in care.

Join The Revolution Today!

By qualifying for membership, you can lever all aspects of the AHWA to propel your practice with telemedicine, social media and more to drive new patient acquisition and existing patient value.